Why Restaurant Sales are Rising

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Demand for Specialists Skyrockets as Restaurants Change Hands

There are more than one million restaurants in America and at any given time, 20% are on the market. That trend is rising for several important reasons.


We Sell Restaurants® is successfully selling the nation’s restaurants and experiencing explosive growth. Why? Franchise resales are growing as legacy brand owner’s trade for newer concepts and fresher brands. Baby boomers are approaching their retirement window and seeking expert advice as they sell their profitable businesses to finance a new lifestyle. Both reasons create more opportunity for restaurant brokers.

The maturity of the country’s franchise industry is driving higher franchise resale counts due to both the age of concepts and the lifecycle of the brands. Franchisees up for renewal look to sell rather than restart a new 10 year agreement which may require upgrades and reinvestment. This creates a need for restaurant brokerage services.


Franchisors need trusted resources for their transfers and resales. Their focus is on new franchise sales, not existing stores so they seek the services of a professional restaurant broker, especially franchise brands like We Sell Restaurants that understand the industry needs.

TV has Given the Restaurant Business a Starring Role. Nearly 100 Million households watching Food Network plus cable and network programming powering demand for “all things foodie” leads to new units and increased demand for restaurant brokers.

Restaurant Growth Continues to Outpace Other Industries. Restaurant industry sales will grow to an estimated $782.7 billion in 2016 according to the National Restaurant Association. That equates to 4% of the U.S. gross domestic product. Each time the industry expands, roughly one in five stores end up on the market. That creates opportunity for We Sell Restaurants and the restaurant brokerage franchise.

Other reasons our model is growing.

No Office

There is no need to open an office. Forget the capital investment of many franchise brands and huge SBA loan obligations. You need a cellphone, great Internet service and a laptop computer. Our proprietary cloud based B.O.S.S. or Broker’s Operations and Sales System can do the job from anywhere


Low Cost Investment

We Sell Restaurants offers investors a low entry cost with a high potential return: our average franchisee generated gross commission income in the first full year of their franchise of $132,400.

Centralized Leads and Marketing

We handle the marketing. All listing uploads, all advertising and all inbound seller and buyer leads are handled at our Headquarters location. In 2015, our average franchisee received 48 seller leads and 716 buyer leads from corporate lead generation.

100 Day Kickoff Plan

Your first hundred days is managed on a day by day basis to be sure your practice gets the right start and your listing count is generated from the outset. You are mentored every step of the way as you being your new career in restaurant brokerage.


Who are we looking for?

We Sell Restaurants is seeking entrepreneurs excited by the idea of helping others realize the American dream of restaurant ownership. We don’t require prior restaurant experience though it could be helpful. We do actively seek people who have sales experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. We want people who will follow the We Sell Restaurants proven business model, who love people and want to support their communities while creating a great lifestyle for themselves and their families.

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