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Industry Experts Create Specialized Brand

We Sell Restaurants is a vibrant and innovative company that believes the fragmented brokerage market needs and deserves a specialist in selling restaurants.


We Sell Restaurants® We Sell Restaurants launched in 2004 and has grown to the largest restaurant brokerage firm in the nation.  We are now franchising our brand nationwide.

Our process and approach to selling restaurants has been enthusiastically received by the industry, whether they are an independent restaurant seller, a buyer seeking the right opportunity or franchisors who need specialists to handle their franchise transfers.

“Before franchising, it was very important to us to prove that our business model was executable at the market level as well as being profitable and scalable.  This is what we’ve developed with We Sell Restaurants and we are thrilled to roll out our brand across the country.”

We Sell Restaurants is not a startup or overnight success.  “We spent over a decade as the nation’s most trusted restaurant brokerage brand before making the decision to franchise. Ultimately, our success led us to franchise the brand.  We simply can no longer keep up with the demand for our services on a centralized basis.  The only way to keep growing is to transfer our knowledge and support to other brokers within our system,” says Eric Gagnon, co-founder of We Sell Restaurants.

We have a branded systemic franchise process for buying and selling restaurants that capitalizes on the growing demand for professionalism, knowledge and unmatched results in selling restaurants. “We spent years in corporate America developing strategies and methods for developing business.  We’ve applied that knowledge to the We Sell Restaurants model” says Robin Gagnon, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

We start by teaching.  We Sell Restaurants has hundreds of online articles and videos on buying and selling a restaurant.  Our clients want and need that information to avoid costly mistakes in buying a business.  They come to us seeking information and knowledge.  They stay to see our listings and then ultimately buy from the most trusted resource in the industry.


We continue the path of coaching and instruction with our franchisees.  Beginning as early as 2005, we were writing and producing ground breaking training that would lead to a trademark for the term Certified Restaurant Broker.  Our best-in-class training for all new restaurant brokers consists of four weeks of adult learning options that combine classroom, pre-work, webinars and in market instruction.  This leads to your designation as a Certified Restaurant BrokerTM after completing pre and post testing, classroom instruction and field training.  There is ongoing mentoring, support and training from Industry Experts to keep your practice on track.

Meet the Leadership

Eric and Robin Gagnon, the industry’s Restaurant Brokers are the most knowledgeable executives in the nation when it comes to buying or selling restaurants. They are specialists in the franchise resale space and have sold hundreds of restaurants between them.


Being an advisor to the industry requires their participation and support.   Their service and leadership is seen as the Past President of the Georgia Association of Business Brokers and eight years of service on the executive board.  They are also members of the Business Brokers of Florida.

The duo is a multi-year speaker at the International Business Brokers Association National Convention. They are members of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and have served as panelists, moderators and speakers at either national meetings or at Franchise Business Network events in multiple cities.

Robin is a member of the IFA Women’s Franchise Committee at the national level and Chair of the Women’s Franchise Network Atlanta while Eric is a member of the Southeast Franchise Forum and serves on the membership committee.

This talented team commands an audience and respect when they address any group on the subject of buying or selling restaurants.  Both spent years in corporate America leading strategy and methods for driving business, both as business development professionals and in marketing.

Their journey as a partnership began in 2004 when the firm first launched under the brand, “We Sell Restaurants.”  After launching the business, they began to seek a trademark for the term “We Sell Restaurants” and were told by countless attorneys that it was too broad and generic to trademark.  After racking up more than a decade of success in the restaurant brokerage field, even the United States Trademark and Patent office agrees that this differentiated practice stands out in the marketplace and the two own the right to the words, “We Sell Restaurants” preventing any other brokerage firm from using the term.

Their book on restaurant brokerage, Appetite for Acquisition, the We Sell Restaurants Guide to Buying a Restaurant has a five-star rating on Amazon and was named Best of 2012 by Small Business Book Awards.

They expanded the reach of the We Sell Restaurants brand through a nationally syndicated radio show beginning in 2013 where their tagline was “Satisfy an Appetite for Acquisition, Feed the Need for Restaurant Reality and Serve up a Recipe for Business Success.”

This powerhouse brand has been honed and developed through results which outperform other brokers nationally according to results published by Business Brokerage Press.  Wesellrestaurants.com is the industry powerhouse resource for buying and selling a restaurant and the brand is a dynamic force on all social media channels.

We Sell Restaurants – a brand with a bright future

We Sell Restaurants is uniquely poised to capture an outsized share of the commission income when 20% of the nation’s million or more restaurants change hands.

We’re actively seeking entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others realize the American dream of owning a restaurant and enjoy the business services sector.

With an investment of $40,000 for a new franchise, We Sell Restaurants offers a unique opportunity for a low initial investment with a high potential return; our franchise partners averaged Gross Commission Income in their first full year of operation of $132,400.

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