What can I Make?

Join the Restaurant Business with Banker's Hours. We Sell Restaurants offers a rare opportunity in a booming industry.


The following financial performance representation is the average historical data relating to the operation of our franchised Restaurants Brokerage Businesses which were open during all of 2018. With a total of 12 franchises at the end of 2018, only 12 of them were in operation for the entire year and are included in the data group. Based on our 12 current franchisees, the average performance for a single Restaurant Brokerage Business in 2018 that was open and operating for the entire year is as follows:
Gross Revenues Average Gross Revenues Median Transactions Average Gross Commission per Transaction Median Gross Commission Per Transaction
$115,625 $107,800 8 $14,158 $16,455
In 2018, the WSR Franchise Seller Average Lead Generation per Restaurant Brokerage Business and Franchisee Lead Conversion were as follows:
2019 Average Seller Leads 2019 Median Seller Leads 2019 Converted Seller Leads % of Leads Converted to Listings
18 16 7 35%