Top 5 Reasons to Own We Sell Restaurants Franchise

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From an unmatched process for linking buyers and sellers to the reputation in the industry as the best in selling restaurants, We Sell Restaurants offers a unique ability to experience success in the restaurant brokerage industry.

As restaurant counts continue to increase, in fact, passing the million location mark this year, the role of the restaurant broker has never been stronger and the path to success never more defined.  That’s why demand for restaurant brokerage is growing. When it comes to professionalism, support, knowledge and results, We Sell Restaurants has positioned itself as the brand to beat.

Founded in Atlanta Georgia in 2001, this unique business model has expanded to serve 42 states nationwide.  We Sell Restaurants has been setting the standard of excellence in the industry with unmatched results and more restaurants sold than anyone else nationwide.   This unique model is resonating with both restaurant buyers, restaurants sellers and now, potential franchisees, nationwide.

There is no shortage of reasons to become a We Sell Restaurants owner, however, these are the top five factors our existing franchisees point to as reasons why they decided to invest in the brand and put themselves on the path to small business ownership.

  1. The Restaurant Industry with Banker’s Hours

There are many in the industry that love the business but over time, become disenchanted with the lifestyle which frequently involves nights and weekend.  The We Sell Restaurants franchise allows you to enjoy the restaurant industry but practice “banker’s hours” of 9 – 5 Monday through Friday.  For our franchisees, this business allows them to work from home, spend plenty of time with their family and still stay connected to the restaurant world.

  1. Outstanding Corporate Support

The franchise model provides value for owners through the support of our well trained corporate team.  We Sell Restaurants sets the bar for support of our franchisees.  We Sell Restaurants has developed the infrastructure, marketing, training and support needed to always put its franchisees and their business success first. Because of this, franchisees remain extremely passionate about the brand’s culture and rave about the support that the corporate office provides.

  1. Development Opportunities in Major Markets

As an emerging franchise brand, We Sell Restaurants has taken a disciplined approach to development.  That means we have growth opportunity available in new and existing cities across the country.  As we continue to build, we will begin limited the market but restaurant brokerage hasn’t come close to seeing the peak of the business model.  Our infrastructure model is based on our technology – the BOSS or Broker’s Operations and Sales System.

“We’ve shown that the We Sell Restaurants business model works in trade areas across the country,” said Robin Gagnon, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for the brand. “With the ability to train and launch a new owner in under 30 days, we can open a new office and jump start a new business quickly.  That’s one reason demand for the We Sell Restaurants brand continues to climb.”

  1. Simple, Proven and Accessible Business Opportunity

Every facet of the We Sell Restaurants business model is designed to set up franchisees for success. Every team member in the We Sell Restaurants corporate office goes above and beyond to ensure owners have access to best in class marketing, training and support. By becoming a We Sell Restaurants owner, restaurant brokers gain access to a step-by-step system that has been proven to be successful in more than 42 states nationwide.  It’s also incredibly accessible for business owners to get their restaurant brokerage practice off the ground with start-up costs for a territory averaging around $95,650 with no requirement for real estate or infrastructure.  The average franchisee Gross Commission Income as disclosed in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document is $136,367.

  1. The BOSS – #1 Business Brokerage Platform in the Nation

In an industry with other competitors – selling all types of businesses, not just restaurants, we stand above the rest with our unmatched Business Brokerage Platform. The BOSS or Broker’s Operations and Sales System provides our owners with unmatched intelligence on buyers and sellers.  Our owners are provided leads in real time for those interested in buying or selling a restaurant.  Selling restaurants has never been easier with the BOSS platform that writes a listing agreement or purchase contract in under a minute and handles the functions of the typical broker in rapid fashion.  This allows We Sell Restaurants and our franchise partners to sell more restaurants than anyone else.  We Sell Restaurants continues to innovate in order to drive customer traffic and loyalty for the most highly ranked domain for restaurants for sale.  By doing so, the brand has consistently outperformed the industry for earnings that are fully disclosed in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.

For information about the We Sell Restaurants brand and becoming a successful owner, click this link to apply or request a follow up call.